Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Aim of Lealholm CLT?

"To provide affordable housing for people from the local area or those with a genuine connection to Lealholm village."

Would the Housing be available to buy?

It is envisaged that the housing would be a mix of rent and shared ownership, but the Freehold would always remain within the Trust to ensure the housing would remain affordable in perpetuity.

Does Affordable mean Poor quality homes?

No. The trust intends to build homes that are both affordable in rent and monthly running costs. We will be aiming to build homes with the highest possible energy efficiency rating. 

Are the homes available to anyone?

The affordable homes would only be available to those local people who could display a genuine need. 

It implies that there are limitations with their  current housing and that they are unable to afford a suitable home in the private sector.

What is a Genuine Local Connection?

People have lived in the parish for five or more years would meet the local connection requirements in a Section 106 Agreement (legal planning document) but the actual qualifying rules have yet to be finalised within the trust. 

Who will own and administer the housing?

Lealholm CLT will own and administer the homes. The Legal structure put in place will ensure that the housing can never be sold. Trustees will be duly elected from Lealholm CLT members. Membership application is open to anyone within the parish, in effect the Housing will be owned by the local people and any profit will be put into the regeneration of the village.